Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Table Structure

In the moment there is only one table 'content' which looks like this:

The first 11 fields come directly from the BONG.TV rest-service for each recording.

I have added:

  • Status (which can be 0=Waiting, 1=Downloading, 2= Failed, 3= Finished)
  • Deleted (0=File still on the BONG.TV server, 1=Deleted from the Server)
  • StartDate (DateTime when the Download process stared)
  • FinishDate (during a transfer it is updated by the progress function and when a download finished it shows the finish-time)
  • Retries (if the download process failes, the status is set to 0 and so the download will start again after some time)
  • Category (the category for the video - with my self defined categories)
  • Progress (the download progress 0-100% during the transfer)
  • ErrorText ( the error reason if a download failed)

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