Since last month i’m a happy subscriber of ( It’s an online video-recorder which allows me, to remotely record all the German speaking TV-channels (around 30 free receivable stations). The recordings are done in h.264 with full PAL-resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. Everything is stored ‘in the cloud’ on a 30 Gbyte sized storage, from where i can stream it directly (with my IPhone or PC- based browser) or download it. The latter is my favorite way to consume the videos as i additionally got a Sitecom-HD Player which plays the downloaded videos from my Synology DiskStation DS-209 where i have enough terabytes to store some material.
In the the following post i will describe, how i setup and develop a system which is able do the download and managing more or less automatically. The goal is to run the software completely on the DS-209 !