Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BONG.TV Download Automation

OK, here is the overall structure of my Bong.TV download automation. First of all: All applications run completely on the DS209. There are actually 2 applications the ‘Bong-Parser’ and the ‘Bong-Downloader’. ‘Bong-Parser’ communicates with the Bong-TV Servers and gets an XML-list of all recorded videos and meta data like title, description, channel, download-URL etc. For each entry in the XML file, ‘Bong-Parser’ creates an entry in the content-table. Bong-Parser is started periodically, executes and closes. Of course it checks if an entry is already registered in the database. ‘Bong-loader’ now goes through the db-list and downloads the videos and stores them in the DS209 video directory. After a video is downloaded successfully, Bong-Parser deletes the files from the Bong-Server via a REST-Service. It takes also care that broken downloads are resumed.
In the next post i will describe the content table and the state-machine which takes care that everything runs smoothly.

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