Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BongParser Download

You can download BongParser.exe here.

First of all the MySQL-Database must exist. Therefore i would recommend to create and configure the database first. The SQL script can be downloaded here:
For database installations instructions please look here and the Synology website downloads.
BongParser.exe is configured with the settings-file BongParser.exe.config which is located in the same directory than BongParser.exe. The following settings can be adjusted to your personal requirements.

this is the url, where publishes existing recordings. This should not be changed, except changes there API.
please enter you login. This must be configured correctly, otherwise BongParser will fail !
example: user4711
please enter you password. This must be configured right, otherwise BongParser will fail !
example: password4711
this will be the path, where the video files are downloaded. please keep in mind, that this must be a local linux path, which has not drive-letters etc. Synology puts user created directories always under /volume1, so if you create a folder 'video' with the disk station manager, the path would be '/volume1/video/'. 
example: volume1/Video/bong/
either NQ or HQ (i always use HQ)
example: HQ
this is the connection string for the mysql-database.please make sure to create a user with sufficient rights for the table.
example: server=localhost;user=remote;;port=3306;password=bong2010;
with that variable, you can control the filename of the downloaded video-file. the original names are unusable and have your name included. In the moment title, ID, Channel and Date can be inserted. you can change the order or leave out one of the fields, but {fieldname} must be complete and exactly written.
example:  {Title} - ({ID}) - {Channel} - {Date}
not every character in the title or other fields is a valid windows or unix char. this string must consist of all chars, which must be removed from the filename. as this settings file is an xml not all chars are allowed and must be exchanged by the xml-value. my tip: do not change if possible.
example: \/*?"<>|:
this is the path, where the applications writes a logfile. again it is a local linux path and should not have a driveletter etc. if you use this app on windows you can use driveletters.
example: /volume1/Video/bong/parser.log

You can edit the config-file with an editor that is able to write unix compatible text files (LF only). I can recommend EditPad Lite, which is free and is able to convert between windows and unix formats.
Note: To run the exe under linux, the execute flag must be set with chmod.

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